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Testimonials & Case Studies
George - Lost 9 Stone
From a starting weight of 29 stone George has been on a life changing, life saving journey. 

Tackling serious health complications, and overhauling his whole diet has helped him lower his blood pressure, gain more energy, find consistency in his ability to work and finally enabled him to but the designer labels he's always dreamed of.  

The work goes on for George but with nine stone lost so far he's a whole new person. 
Real People, Real Results 
Pippa - 40 Lbs Lost 
Enlisting the help of Fundamentally Fit is one of the best things I've ever done. I was, fundamentally, fat and I felt rubbish: I was eating badly, was struggling to run, I looked and felt awful. 

I'd not lost post baby-weight (my daughter is almost five, so no excuse) and I was stuck in a cycle of eating too much sugar, not exercising nearly enough and feeling tired all the time. To fix the tiredness I was eating sugar and not exercising because I felt so tired and on and on, round and round. Andy was like a knight in shining (under)armour. He took me on and it's revolutionised my life. He's helped me change my negative 'chatter' and thought patterns. He didn't judge me the first time I stepped on the scales. He's facilitated change. He's motivated me to achieve fitness levels beyond all expectation. 

I'm also enjoying food perhaps more than I ever have. And I've nearly got back to running a 5k sub-30- a bit of a running holy grail for me. Working with Fundamentally Fit has revolutionised my life and I honestly believe that I've changed for good. 

I'm now safe in the knowledge that I'll be entering my 40's in a couple of years slim, with a healthy BMI, perfect blood pressure readings and a hugely reduced risk of diabetes. For now, I'm off on holidays soon and I'm looking forward to wearing a bikini again. 

Seriously: try Fundamentally Fit!
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What Will You Acheie? 
I was in a relatively unhappy place; stressed, over-weight, unfit and tired. I had a lot on in my life with a major family move to Surrey and a busy business.
As of February 2018, I am 1.5 stone lighter than I was 3 months ago, I am running (and enjoying it!) 3-4 times a week and I completed my first half marathon in almost 4 years

- Rob

The programme delivered results, which - as far as I can see - are long-lasting.
The personalised nutrition analysis gave me a good basis from where to start. I gained a much better understanding of the complexities of healthy nutrition and on the basis of that was able to make immediate changes to my diet, which, just as importantly, I was able to maintain when the programme came to an end. Based on this experience, I would recommend Andy of Fundamentally Fit to anyone, who is looking for professional guidance on fitness and nutrition. Thank you!
- Astrid McGechan
Not only did Andy use his expertise to focus on crafting a healthy balanced diet suited to me, he also focused on helping me create sustained energy release (a very unexpected and brilliant bonus!).
It was a really enjoyable and informative process that gave me a very clear plan on how to blend fats, carbs and proteins based on what you like to eat to bring in a more healthy balance and energy into your world. I have shared everything I have learned with my whole family too, my wife was trilled!

Real People, Real Results 
John - First Triathlon & Half Ironman
Andy, other than a big thank you, what else can I say?! You got me through my first triathlon in under 3 hours with the attention to detail program you set out, which based around my current delicate back and knee was fun to follow.

On top of all that you came and held my hand (not literally) for some open water swim training and gave me countless of invaluable tips but made sure you didn't overload me with too much to think about.

Anyone reading this and is unsure if Andy is the personal trainer for you, do not hesitate, if Andy has space to take you on as a client. BOOK HIM!
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Dan - Ironman World Championship Qualifier. 
Andy Strong has really helped me over the last year with my strength training and developing a good foundation of core work which has allowed me to consistently produce some PBs in my last races. 

To put it into perspective I ran a PB 2:40 marathon and was 8th overall at Ironman UK. I can not recommend Strongie enough. He is a very approachable guy that genuinely wants the best for his clients.
Real People, Real Results 
Client Case Study - Mark, Junior Motorbike Champion
In the summer of 2014 I was had the pleasure of working with Mark a Junior motor bike champion. Mark had recently progressed into the National ACU 250cc Championship.

Having progressed into this new championship the demands of the larger and more powerful bikes were taking their toll on Mark and we needed to develop his fitness, core stability and particularly his upper body strength.
Marks fitness testing confirmed that we would need to develop his overall flexibility to enable a lower more efficient riding position on the bike.  
Due to Mark's age we focused our attention on lower weight and higher repetition based strength training. The muscles and skeletal system will still be developing for a few years to come and therefore it was far safer to limit higher loads during this time.  

As the summer progressed Mark quickly developed in all areas. His initial upper body strength was rated fair for his age, with the press up test perfomred in the modified position on his knees. However, by the end of the summer, Mark had significantly increased his upper body strength and was able to perform press ups in the full position and with ease. 
We were also able to progress his core strength from static planks and introduce unstable exercises. Through the use of a stability ball we were able to both challenge his core strength further but also mimic many of the positions he would use when riding his bike, improving his ability to shift his weight and centre of gravity. 
 Alongside Mark’s specific strength based training we also introduced some higher intensity boxing pad work. The intention here was to develop Mark’s ability to generate power from the upper body and enable him to move the bike with power and force when cornering and shifting his weight. 

The pad work rounds are not only great at developing power but also provide a challenging cardio workout. In addition this also allowed us to sharpen Mark’s already impressive reaction times and hand to eye cordination.

By the autumn I had set Mark the challenge of completing the Park Run 5K. We incorporated more run training, including higher intensity efforts to help develop his ability to process lactate and sustain quicker speeds. 

Mark is a natural runner and with some more training and experience he could easily run to a very high level. Mark successfully completed the Hove Park Run 5K challenge, finishing in a time of 23.52 and 1st in his age category. A fast club runner will look to break 20 minutes for the 5K distance. Hove is not a flat fast course and to have finished with such an impressive time on his first competitive attempt shows great promise for the future. 

It was a pleasure to work with Mark and see him progress so well over the summer we worked together. It was also a great personal challenge to take on the very specific needs of his demanding sport and create the program he needed to hit his performance targets. 
What will You Achieve? 
Gary - Lost 21 Pounds 
“Short term goal finally achieved....all it took was a change of diet, lose 1 and a 1/2 stone, a winter of  cardio training and a few sessions with PT that really knows his stuff 

Initially I met with Andy and outlined my goals for losing weight as part of a fitness program.  After completing a week long food diary, Andy was able to identify and advise what subtle but beneficial changes I could make to my diet, whilst also taking into consideration my work routine and lifestyle. 

To date I’ve lost 21lbs! I couldn’t recommend Andy and 
Fundamentally Fit high enough”
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With the help of personal Trainer Andy Strong, Jordan a photography student ran from Worthing pier to Brighton Pier to raise money for a charity trip to Africa.

I have been very poorly with ME for five years. My results in fitness have far exceeded my expectations. I feel stronger, more confident and happier in myself. I have more energy and find it easier to maintain a busy days work without aches and pains.

“I lost weight and toned up, gained confidence and I was able to run my half marathon with relative ease. There were times during the sessions where I was pushed things I thought I would never be able to achieve. There's nothing to be on the fence about! 

Give it a go !"
Real People, Real Results 
Having used Fundamentally Fit for some time I have been delighted with the results. Andy is always professional and well prepared. Each session is different and whilst a full body workout it also focuses on the areas I want to improve the most. I’m hooked.
What Will You Achieve? 
Simone - Half Ironman 
Brilliant trainer! I can't recommend Andy highly enough. I was training for a half Ironman in the New Forrest and Andy created a bespoke plan that was easy to follow and track my progress. 121 sessions were challenging yet fun and motivational. The results were just amazing.

Thank you so much for all of your patience, encouragement and belief! A 10% improvement on my swim time (over a more difficult course than my previous race); felt stronger than previously on completing the swim; overall vast improvement in fitness and a noticeable improvement.

Thanks Andy! 
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Tania - Back Care for Running 
I run regularly but am prone to back problems. With a place in London Marathon I wanted to build my upper body strength and balance to stay injury free prior to ans during the marathon. 

This was marathon no 9 for me and it is the first time I have not suffered back pain during and after the marathon having increased my upper body strength and balance. The program was tailored to my needs taking into account previously injuries, work commitments and run training"

The training really helped me and I have learnt new exercises which I can continue into the future, Go for It! 
Adrian - Fire Service Fitness Assesment
After losing two stone in weight due to recent illness I needed to rebuild muscle loss and strength. Due to my work I am required to complete a yearly fitness assessment. The results since completing my plan have been fantastic. My have gained muscle and strength which certainly helped me pass my fitness assessment.

Andy certainly understands you as an individual. Each session was different. He was always assessing my ability and adapting techniques for you to remain positive and motivated. I was unsure beforehand about having a PT, but Andy was fantastic in helping maintain my focus and hitting my goals. 

I would recommend Fundamentally FIT and Andy to any and everyone

Thank you so much!   
Yogesh - Paris & Edinburgh Marathons 
I wanted someone to listen to my needs and help me achieve my goals and Andy did just that. 

The training program was easy to understand as it was always well explained a varied to keep them interesting. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone who wants to better themselves. During training I set a new fastest 10k time of 44.41 and knocked a 13 minuets of my marathon time setting a new Marathon Personal Best of  3 hours 48! 

Fantastic Personal Trainer! 
Real People, Real Results 
Siyarra - Busy Teacher 
"I have lost inches off the wobbly bits ! I enjoyed having a trainer to encourage me and explain what to do and why. I have improved my stamina and I am mush more toned. 

I liked being told what to do and why. Encouragement. 
The In-Home service fits into my very busy schedule so you should definitely give it a go!"
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